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Phoenix Contact 2938743 MINI-PS-100-240AC DIN Rail Power Supply (+-) …

Phoenix Contact MINI-PS-100-240AC DIN Rail Power Supplies – 1A-8A 15-100W – Phoenix Contact 2938743, A power supply from Phoenix Contact with an especially narrow width of just 45mm. Reliable starting of heavy loads are ensured by a power reserve of up to 100% (“Power Boost”), while the high operational reliability is also ensured in complex global networks. Mini Power also works in areas where static voltage dips are concerned, transient failures of the supply voltage or phase failure. Large capacitors ensure mains buffering of more than 20MS under full load.Worldwide use of wide-range output and international approval package, while other features inlcude: high operational reliability thanks to high MTBF >500 000 h, parallel switch bar for increased output and redundancy, simplified operation by LED fault monitoring, outdoor installation permitted by temperature range of -25 degreeC to +70 degreeC and U/I characteristic curve for supplying capacitive loads. Phoenix Contact 2938743 MINI-PS-100-240AC DIN Rail Power Supply (+-) 15V DC 1A 15W

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