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Finder Coil Indication and EMC Suppression Module 6…

Finder 99.02 Series Indicator EMC Suppression Modules – Finder, This Finder 99.02 series EMC suppression and indicator module contains a varistor suppression circuit and a green LED indicator. The varistor circuit protects relay drivers from negative going voltage spikes. The LED shows when the associated relay’s coil is energized. The module is designed to fit into a compatible socket together with the relay it protects.Compatible with Finder relays from the 40, 44, 46, 55, 56, 60, 62 series.Fits screw socket 90.02, 90.03, 92.03, 94.03, 94.04, 95.05, 96.02, 96.04. Finder Coil Indication and EMC Suppression Module 6-24VAC/DC

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