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eQ-3 MAX! 132330 Starter Set

eQ-3 MAX! Wireless Radiator Thermostat System – eQ-3 132330, The eQ-3 MAX! Smart Starter Set Radiator Thermostats are easy to install. Simply unscrew the old thermostats, and then install the new one. Once installed, the system automatically sets the desired comfort temperature. The Starter Set can detect whether window contacts have been opened or closed and sets system accordingly, turning the heating higher or lower. The MAX! Cube combines all the components of the starter kit and lets you control the system from your PC or your smartphone. Connecting the cube is uncomplicated, just connect a LAN cable from your network, the appropriate software is included or can be downloaded as an app easily. Start now to turn your home in to a Smart Home, and make more efficient use of your heating and adapt the system perfectly to your individual needs, from home or on the road. What’s in the Box?2x MAX! Electronic radiator thermostats 2x MAX! Window contacts 1x MAX! Cube LAN Gateway eQ-3 MAX! 132330 Starter Set

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