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EA Elektro-Automatik EA-BCI 824-10R – 10A Automatic Lead Acid Batt…

EA Elektro-Automatik EA-BCI 800R Automatic Lead Acid Battery Chargers 5A-60A – EA Elektro-Automatik 27150402, This EA-BCI 824-10R 10A automatic lead acid battery charger from EA Elektro-Automatik is a state-of-the-art microprocessor controlled battery charger equipped with multitude functions and features – the crystal clear menu in the graphic display for instance, provides a fast and simple guide to correct setting. The charger can also be programmed, remotely controlled and monitored using the optional digital interfaces, thus all the data for one or more battery can be administered, analysed and evaluated. Designed to be suitable for Pb, VRLA, AGM, GEL, Li-Ion, NiCd and NiMH batteries, while requisite charging cycles are either pre-programmed or can be easily parametised for specific batteries. The device uses either a 4-stage charging cycle for charging lead-acid batteries with liquid, gel (GEL CELL) or felt soaked (AGM) electrolyte, or a 5-stage cycle, which includes a storage and refresh mode. For Lithium ion batteries the parameters for maintenance charge, precharge, fast charge and peak charge are programmable. Charging voltage, current, time, temperature compensation are just some examples of the parameters which can be programmed, allowing every battery to be individually charged so the capacity and life are optimised. An analogue input for temperature compensation is also available, while remotely controllable via a personal computer and different isolated, digital interfaces like RS232, CAN, USB or Ethernet (LAN). There is one interface slot on the front of the device. EA Elektro-Automatik EA-BCI 824-10R – 10A Automatic Lead Acid Battery Charger

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