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EA Elektro-Automatik EA-BC-524-06-RT – 5.5A Lead Acid Battery Char…

EA Elektro-Automatik EA-BC-500 Lead Acid Battery Chargers 12V-48V – EA Elektro-Automatik 35 320 137, This EA-BC-524-06-RT 5.5A lead acid battery charger 24V from EA Elektro-Automatik is a high quality device suitable for charging lead acid batteries up to 300Ah. The unit operates according to the I-U-U characteristic and starts in constant current mode. After achieving a cell voltage of 2.37V, a timer is started and switches the unit to constant voltage mode (boost charging mode). After one hour the charger changes to trickle charge (standby mode), upon when the voltage drops to 2.3V. During this standby mode the current is only a few mA – in case the cell voltage drops below a certain value (f.i. connecting an external load), the charging process starts again. The charger is protected against reverse polarity. A three-colour LED on the front shows the actual status of the charging mode (red: battery empty, orange: half-full battery, green: battery full). Included in delivery: Alligator clips, earthing contact power cable, operating manual. EA Elektro-Automatik EA-BC-524-06-RT – 5.5A Lead Acid Battery Charger 24V

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