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Dino-Lite AM5116ZTL TV (PAL) 1024 x 768 Microscope, Polariser, LWD

Dino Lite High Speed Real Time Digital Hand-Held Microscopes TV or VGA Output – Dino-Lite AM5116ZTL, This high-speed real time microscope has a high resolution TV (PAL) 1024 x 768 output and an continuous magnification of 10x to 90x. The microscope can be used without the need for a computer, plugging directly into a TV monitor to give real time, high-speed images. This microscope features a long working distance that makes it easy to work in or around the object, for precision assembly/repair, etc. A high frame rate output is ideal for all real time image dependent tasks and a built-in polariser ensures that images are protected from unwanted glare from shiny objects such as metal or glass. Object illumination is by 8x white LEDs that can be switched on and off. A set of software, compatible with Windows or Mac OS, is provided that gives the ability to save images and videos and make time lapse recordings and perform calibrated measurements. Dino-Lite AM5116ZTL TV (PAL) 1024 x 768 Microscope, Polariser, LWD

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