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Dino-Lite AD3713TB USB Microscope, High Speed, Exchange End Caps

Dino-Lite Special Light Series Stroboscopic Digital Hand-Held Microscopes USB – Dino-Lite AD3713TB, This digital hand-held microscope has a stroboscopic light feature that enables the taking of perfect pictures, even under high magnification, of small, fast-moving objects. The instrument has applications in production line control, in the laboratory and other areas of science and industry. The strobomicroscope technology reduces motion blur, making it easy to freeze the target for imaging. This version of the microscope has interchangeable end caps. Magnification is an adjustable 10 to 70x + 200x and the microscope has a very high video refresh rate of 60fps and works well under low ambient lighting. As well as the video output the unit can capture still images and produce time-lapsed video. Object illumination is via 8x white LEDs that are On/Off switchable and the microscope can perform a wide range of calibration and measurement functions. A set of software, compatible with Windows or Mac OS, is provided that gives the ability to save images and videos, make time lapse recordings and perform calibrated measurements. Dino-Lite AD3713TB USB Microscope, High Speed, Exchange End Caps

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