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ABB 2CMA142435R1000 Firemans Switch 2P 25A

ABB Fireman’s Switch Aluminium Enclosed Side Operated Switch Disconnector – ABB 2CMA142435R1000, An ABB aluminium side operated Fireman’s switch, that is 2-pole, and a power rating of 25A. You can often see these switches on the outside wall of shops, industrial or commercial buildings for disconnection and isolation purposes. They are used by firemen to turn off neon lighting or other hazardous electrical equipment when attending a fire at the premises. The enclosure and handle are painted red, to make it easy to spot. The On and Off positions are clearly indicated on the front side with ‘I’ and ‘O’.The operating handle is designed in such a way that a fireman’s hook or axe can be used to switch it off. To reset, a so called ‘two hands grip’ must be used. The interlocking mechanism prevents accidental manoeuvres. Delivery includes PE+ neutral terminal and membrane glands (IP54) /sealing plugs. For IP65 degree of protection compression glands must be used. ABB 2CMA142435R1000 Firemans Switch 2P 25A

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