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    • Sealey PL503 Steel Body Padlock 61mm

      Sealey Steel Body Padlocks – Sealey PL503, A 61mm steel body padlock from Sealey has a heavy-duty, hardened steel solid body with bumpers to protect locked Read More »
    • Wiska 10061837 EVSG 63 Black Plastic Blind Plug M63

      Wiska EVSG Plastic Blind Plugs – Wiska 10061837, This black plastic M63 blind plug from the Wiska EVSG series is designed for use with cable glands. Read More »
    • RVFM Joulemeter, Low Voltage Premium Version

      Low-Voltage-Premium-Joulemeter-RVFM-52-2672-This-premium-joulemeter-is-capable-of-measuring-energies-from-1mJ-to-9999J-or-power-from-1mW-to-200W-in-AC-or-DC-circuits-RVFM-Joulemeter-Low-Voltage-Premium-Version Read More »
    • Uni-T UTG9005A Function Generator 5MHz

      Uni-T UTG9000A Series 5MHz Function Generators – Uni-T UTG9005A, The Uni-T Function Generator 5MHz is a general purpose instrument that address a vast number of applications Read More »
    • Wima MKS4G026803C00KS MKS4 0.068uF (+-)10% 400V Radial Polyester Film…

      Wima MKS4 Series Metallised Polyester Capacitors 10% – Wima MKS4G026803C00KS, A 400V 68nF industry standard metallised polyester (PET) capacitor. The capacitor has a high volume/capacitance ratio Read More »
    • GW Instek GDM-8255A Digital Multimeter

      GW-Instek-GDM-8255A-Digital-Multimeter-GW-Instek-GDM-8255A-P-Is-the-resolution-of-your-current-multimeter-inadequate-to-read-the-smallest-signal-Need-an-easy-to-use-multimeter-with-data-logging-Take-a-look-at-the-GW-Instek-GDM-8255A-5-frac12-digit-dual-display-digital-multimeter-The-GW-Instek-GDM-8255A-features-a-DC-voltage-accuracy-of-0-012-with-an-industry-leading-response-time-With-robust-hardware-and-software-the-GDM-825xA-series-will-save-time-on-debugging-and-analysis-whilst-savi Read More »
    • 3M 1120 Ear Plugs – 200 Pairs

      3M-1120-Earplugs-200-Pairs-3M-1120-The-3M-1120-Ear-Plugs-200-Pairs-have-been-designed-with-soft-hypoallergenic-PU-foam-material-providing-maximum-comfort-and-low-pressure-inside-the-ear-Their-special-formulation-material-make-these-plugs-less-prone-to-soak-up-water-in-humid-environments-to-maintain-performance-while-the-smooth-surface-helps-prevent-picking-up-unwanted-dirt-for-a-more-hygienic-fit-3M-1120-Ear-Plugs-200-Pairs Read More »
    • Alpha Wire 3055 BK001 UL1007 Hook Up Wire Black 18AWG (305m Reel)

      Alpha Wire Hook-Up Wire UL 1007 (Flexible PVC Insulated) – Alpha Wire 3055 BK001, This black PVC-insulated stranded hook-up wire from Alpha Wire is ideal for Read More »